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Daxton | 4 Days Old

When Leah's newborn questionnaire for Daxton came in and I seen "hunting" in the hobbies she wanted to include in his session, I immediately knew what I wanted to do. I adore dreamcatchers as props for newborns, but I wanted to try to use one in a different way that I had in the past. I called my cousin Lexi to ask if they had any deer sheds I could borrow and just about died when she pulled out that Elk shed.

Leah had told me that Daxton was their rainbow baby, and I wanted to incorporate that into his photos so I bought this wool felted lovie. When they arrived to their session and I told them my idea she asked Andrew to run home to grab this necklace. After the session was over I asked the significance, she said when they lost their first child through miscarriage, her sister bought her that necklace. The flowers inside are Forget-me-nots, and she shared a sweet quote that went with it. I love when parents have sentimental pieces that can be incorporated into their newborn sessions, and a lot of the time it does end up being an impromptu thing!

This little guy was such perfect sleeper through his whole session. I just could have kept him, he only peed on me once! And check out those lashes!

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